100% Hemp S/S Tee

This isn’t your ordinary tee. Made with 100% hemp fabric, you’re going to feel the difference immediately. Similar to the way leather gets better with wear (remember how that brand new baseball glove was so stiff at first until you played a couple games with it?), hemp fabric will mold and melt around your body as you wash and wear it to leave you with a truly personal fit and feel.

At some point along our journey in life we became pretty obsessed with hemp. The benefits it offers to both human and earth, the multitude of uses it has for a variety of aspects of life. But then why is it so hard to find a 100% hemp shirt?

I mean sure, we’ve seen the “hemp” shirts all the cool brands release. But if you ever looked a little closer, you might notice the tags on those shirts usually say something along the lines of “60/40 blend of cotton/hemp”. But that’s no good because cotton nullifies all the superior aspects of  hemp. Like it’s anti-microbial properties, and the fact that the fibers are hollow making for a better insulator in both warm and cool weather.

Since we couldn’t find a hemp tee we liked, we took it upon ourselves to create our own. Little did we know the extent of the manufacturing process, and now we know better to never try that again without some pro help! Needless to say we came out of it with a few hundred, self designed hemp t-shirts that will be gone once they sell out.


  • 100% Hemp
  • Anti-microbial
  • Breathes
  • Insulates
  • Shapes to you

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