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Latest Videos Uploaded for Members...

A Discussion on Controlled Finishes

Subject: Surfer Analysis
Voice of: Coach Chris, Coach Evan
Surfer: Coach Chris, Coach Evan, Student

3 Ways to be a Better Surfer

Subject: Surfer Analysis
Surfer: John Angiulo

The lesson videos are super high quality & well produced, but my favorite part is the Q&A videos Coach Chris uploads answering member questions. They’re humble, simple, and you can really tell Coach Chris cares about the questions of his students by the way he takes his time to answer each question in an honest and thought out manner.

6 Questions You Might Have

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Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely. This membership site succeeds by creating epic content, not by locking you into a contract.

What topics do you teach?

Surfing fundamentals is our specialty, but we're working with other surf coaches to bring more advanced topics to the mix.

What if I don't surf yet?

Well you want to surf eventually, right? Then this is the perfect way for you to start building your knowledge on what you'll need to learn!

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Yeah! Register for a free membership and you'll have limited access to our lesson videos, and receive discounts for use in our eShop.

Do you have group memberships?

Yep. Do you own or operate a surf school? We can set you up with a group membership so you can offer your students login credentials.

Can we collaborate?

For sure. If you're a surfer or a surf coach/instructor, drop us a line and let's talk about how we can work together to make some rad content. Have something else in mind? Let us know.

Refine, Develop, & Improve Your Surfing

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