Hunting Sandbars & Sunsets

The boys found a shallow little sand bar the other night that was just the right depth and shape for the tiny wind swell we had on offer. That’s the thing about surfing beach breaks. You may know the perfect little sandbar, or have

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3 Kooky Things You NEED to Stop Doing

Hey Kooks, Coach Chris and Coach Evan back with another episode of 3 kooky things you NEED to stop doing. We’ve done this title before with a different set of kooky behaviors, so if you haven’t heard the others, go back and check ’em

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How to Read Waves

Learning How to Read Waves Great topic, also the most complicated and difficult to teach with just words and pictures. Nonetheless, the goal is to spark some inspiration in you so you can start the process of teaching yourself how to read waves, and/or

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For The Dream! with Ben Gravy

Funny how things just work out sometimes. It was almost a year ago exactly that I reached out to Ben Gravyy to get him on KookCast. He was down, no questions, but imagine two surfers trying to make a plan besides surfing? Doesn’t really

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Surfing Without a Leash

Hey rippers, Coach Chris and Coach Evan recording from BCS on a favorite topic…surfing without a leash. Ever wonder why some surfers paddle out without a cord tied to their ankle? Isn’t the surfboard leash one of the greatest inventions for surfers? Find out

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