Surfing Without a Leash

Hey rippers, Coach Chris and Coach Evan recording from BCS on a favorite topic…surfing without a leash. Ever wonder why some surfers paddle out without a cord tied to their ankle? Isn’t the surfboard leash one of the greatest inventions for surfers? Find out

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Insider Trading with Tim Duffy

Hey kooks, welcome back to your weekly dose of KookCast. This week’s episode was such a pleasure to record. Not only did I get to know more about the rad and stylish, Tim Duffy (and get a few insider tips!), but we recorded on

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“My Session” Ep.001

Check it. The first video of a new continuing series of my personal surf sessions. Take a 5 minute break and watch me catch a few waves while listening to me talk about it. Aimed at beginners, but hopefully good for anyone looking to

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Chicks Who Charge with Erin Boyle

In this episode of KookCast: Surf Education, Coach Chris has a fun chat with one of his favorite girl surfers and good friend, Erin Boyle. A radical chick with the sweetest heart, Erin has a great story about how she finally started surfing after

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9 Things Every Beginner Surfer Should Know

“Whether you’re just starting to learn to surf or dragging your rental down the beach, this is the right article for you. Written for beginner surfers by Coach Chris and myself to help you get started in the right direction on your surfing journey.

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