For The Dream! with Ben Gravy

Funny how things just work out sometimes. It was almost a year ago exactly that I reached out to Ben Gravyy to get him on KookCast. He was down, no questions, but imagine two surfers trying to make a plan besides surfing? Doesn’t really happen.

We ran into each other a few times since we first agreed to record together, but it wasn’t until I was hustling my ass down to the local surf shop to grab some wax (after I completely de-waxed my board minutes before the shops close, and the day before a good swell) that I ran into him for the final time. And shit, if it hadn’t been for his boy Devin egging us on to record right then and there, it might have been another opportunity we let slip by.

No worries ladies and gents, we sat our asses down in the Sector 9 rig, mic’d up, and got down some gold. Make sure you stick around to hear Ben’s never before told story about surfing the NSSA longboard finals with a little extra baggage he never got a chance to drop off in the morning. Call the doctor now, you’re probably gonna need some stitches!

Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, local pro, or everyday kook (we all kind of are), you’re gonna dig this week’s episode with Ben Gravyy and all the things we get to talking about in episode 55 of KookCast: Surf Education. Yeew !

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