Blame it on the Boogie Board

Coach Chris and Coach Ev are taking you back to the boogie board! One of the most overlooked crafts in helping beginner surfers progress is the boogie board, and in this episode we’re telling you a few reasons why.

  • 1:28 Come to La MisiĆ³n with us
  • 1:49 Why Coach Chris gets self conscious about the boogie episodes
  • 3:15 Why the “grom mentality” is so important
  • 5:16 The Values of the Boogie: Timing: Getting Through Waves
  • 11:12 The Values of the Boogie: Catching Waves
  • 14:08 The Values of the Boogie: Setting Your Rail
  • 19:02 The Values of the Boogie: Paddling
  • 20:16 The Values of the Boogie: Release, Corking & Sitting Up
  • 24:54 The Values of the Boogie: Getting Your Feet off the Bottom
  • 27:29 The Values of the Boogie: Getting Your First Tube
  • 28:52 The hardest aspect of this episode

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