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Listen to Coach Chris and Coach Evan discuss all kinds of topics related to surf improvement. Covering listener requested topics in addition to their own.

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6 Qualities of a Good Surfer

How good a surfer may be is almost always judged based on how they ride waves. Well Coach Chris and Coach Evan are here to fill you in on a couple of the true qualities of a good surfer, and chances are if you

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Automatic Kook

We’re all about helping you be a little less kooky, and that’s why for the last episode of 2021 we bringing you our “automatic kook” list. These are the things that make you a kook. No, it’s not a temporary mistake that recover from

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Bonus Episode: The Boom

This week’s release was supposed to be another typical episode with your favorite surf coaches, Coach Chris and Coach Ev, but Coach Chris got so carried away talking about his recent trip to The Boom in Nicaragua that there was no time left to

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Yellow Card: 3 Surfing Penalties to Avoid

You might be here because you’re a loyal listener of our podcast, KookCast: Surf Education. Your surf etiquette is hopefully on point, and this is simply the next episode in the queue. There’s also the possibility you’re on this page because you got a

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Cole’s Happy Place

Unplanned, unofficial, but with tape rolling this quick episode is pulled from the beginning of a recording with a guest that was afterwards cut out. There’s a vibe though. That totally natural feel you only get from something that was never intended for release.

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Surf Senses: Part 2

Up next on KookCast, Coach Chris and Coach Evan are working through a series called “Surf Senses”. This week we’re talking about your voice. Let’s talk about how you need to use it.

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