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6 Qualities of a Good Surfer

The skill of a surfer is almost always determined by how well they ride waves. In this article and corresponding podcast episode, you’ll be introduced to 6 qualities good surfers

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Catching Your Own Waves

Do you get pushed into waves? Or struggle to catch them on your own? You’re gonna wanna tune into this episode for some tips from Coach Chris and Coach Ev.

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Using Cutbacks to Stay in the Pocket

I’m pretty much obsessed with a great round house cutback. If you’ve ever drawn the perfect radius for the wave face you’re riding, brought it all the way around to


Mechanics of a Kick Out

Samuel is checking in with us to ask about the mechanics of a kick out, and if you know us even just a little bit, you know how much we


Cole’s Point Session

Here’s a special edit from a session Coach Evan and I had in Baja, California with our student Scott. In the middle of an epic surf trip with students, we


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