How to Stay Warm for a Cold Session

Damn we’ve been battling the shivers no matter where we surf in the world! From New York winters, to that light afternoon breeze in Central America our skinny asses are always at risk for catching a chill. That’s why we put together an impromptu list of all the things we’ve done to keep the fire alive inside so we can surf a little longer when the cold outside is fighting to stop us.

Good Wetsuit

You don’t want to skimp here.

A good wetsuit is more often than not the difference maker when it comes to lasting in the cold. We’ve tried many of the major wetsuit brands, and they’re all good, but they all have different tiers of the same wetsuit.

Here’s the best advice we can give you…

Get the best, most expensive version your favorite company offers. What’s the difference from the bargain suit to the best one, $50-$100?

Go ahead and save that money at checkout, but we’ll guarantee you’ll be willing to pay $50 to be warm the single next time the waves are pumping and you can’t stay out over an hour or two because your bargain wetsuit can’t do it’s job.

Spend the extra dough on a good wetsuit and get an exponentially better value of warmth in the months ahead.

Bonus Tip #1: Use round toe boots and mittens. Not split toe boots, or finger/lobster claw gloves. You want to keep your fingers and toes together, not separated.

Bonus Tip #2: Don’t pee in your wetsuit! Sure it feels warm in the moment, but ultimately you’re destroying your wetsuit in the long run for just a few seconds of warmth. Love your wetsuit. Don’t pee in it.

Good Clothing

Speaking of good gear, don’t forget the things you wear on your way to the beach.

If you live in a place that gets cold, and you have to drive around and get out of your car to check spots before surfing, you better be wise and get yourself outfitted with the right equipment to stay warm before you get in the water.

No matter how good your wetsuit is, if you’re cold from the start it’s going to be a rough session ahead.

Keep yourself toasty from the moment you leave your bed in the morning to be sure you stay warm the whole day through.

One of the most overlooked enemies of keeping warm is the wind.

You can wear 4 layers of cotton clothing, but if the wind is ripping it’s going to cut right through all those layers and send a chill to your bone.

Make sure you have a good wind breaking shell to fend off that icy breeze and guard your inner warmth.

Another enemy of warmth is sweat.

You might be sweating your ass off in the car with your 4 layers of cotton “warmth”, but as soon as you start to sweat that bottom layer is getting wet.

Wear moisture wicking fabrics against your skin so if you start to sweat, the moisture is pulled away from your skin and not hanging off you.

Good Preparation

Being prepared for your next surf is surely ideal. Have it rinsed, dry, organized, and ready-to-go by having a good wrap up routine after every session.

Sometimes the waves get good unexpectedly. You don’t want to be scrambling for wet, scattered gear as your friend is on the way to picking you up.

A good post-session system for having your gear in order is key to making last minute strike missions and not finding yourself at the beach missing a bootie or glove.

Another good prep tip is to fill up a large jug of hot water to bring to the beach. Just give it a try and tell us pouring warm water over your head after a cold session is not the best feeling in the world.

Stay warm rippers!

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