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It’s easy to see the glamor of surfing and wish to do that yourself, but we don’t ignore the necessary steps and building blocks that bring you there. 

Don’t worry if you’re “strong enough”. Just like most things in life, technique is greater than strength. Learn proper technique with us, and automatically build strength at your own pace.

A Few Podcast Episodes...

Where’s Reno? with Reno Abellira

Some names in surf history you’ll be forgiven for not knowing. Reno Abellira is not one of them. His contributions to surfboard design and the evolution of surfing in general is huge, and his story

where to practice surfing

9 Things Every Beginner Surfer Should Know

Prefer listening to reading? We covered this article in a podcast episode of the same title: 1. Riding Waves is Easy The first thing you should know is: Standing on a surfboard and riding a

The unique thing about The Surf Continuum is that they truly care about you as a developing surfer. This is not your typical “tourist vacation surf school” where the goal is to push students into waves and send them home with a photo. This is a boutique surf company that is aimed at building relationships with their students and guiding them on their life-long surf journey.


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