Celebrating Hobie’s 70th Anniversary – Part 1

This week on KookCast, Coach Chris and Coach Evan are joined by Kris Carlow and Adam Davenport of Hobie Surfboards to celebrate the brands 70th anniversary. We’re first introduced to them through their surfing background before Kris, the brand manager at Hobie, takes us

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Emma Bukowski of Nose Rider Surf Club

Emma Bukowski, creator of Nose Rider Surf Club, joins Coach Chris to talk not only about her surfing journey, but the effort it took to reach the starting line of that journey. Coming from Wisconsin, it might not have seemed like surfing was in

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2024 La Misión Surf Trip Recap

This episode is a recap of the annual surf trips Coach Chris and Coach Ev organize to La Misión in Baja. It begins with an introduction from Coach Chris, moves into a discussion between him and Coach Ev debriefing on important takeaways and key

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SHARK! with Erin LaVallee

This week on KookCast, Erin LaVallee joins Coach Chris to share her story on fulfilling a lifelong dream to surf, the mistakes and successes on the journey, and of course her kooky story.

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Alek Rockrise from The California Surf Academy

This week on KookCast, Alek Rockrise joins Coach Chris to talk surf education, sharing your surf knowledge, and the personal battles that come with it. Thank you to our sponsor Crooked Wetsuits for helping us stay warm in the water. Episode timestamps: Episode links:

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7 Pillars of The Surf Continuum

In this episode, Coach Chris and Coach Evan are sitting down to discuss 7 pillars upon which they’ve built their brand of surf education on. Head over to the membership site and check out the video version of this episode to see pillar #8,

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