How To Improve Your Pop-Up

This week on KookCast, Coach Chris and Coach Evan are discussing the pop-up and a perhaps surprising way you can improve it.  There’s 5 more minutes of listening for this episode on the membership site.

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Keeping it Real

Almost every episode of KookCast for the past 4 years has been focused on surf topics, whether Coach Chris and Coach Ev discuss one together, or with a visiting guest…this week the boys are releasing a personal episode that shares with you some of

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Coach Ev Making Big Claims

This week on KookCast, Coach Ev is sharing with us a story about a wave he just caught the other day out front at La Misión that he’s claiming is a top 5, best wave he ever caught in his entire life. Let’s hear

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Sunburnt & Salty with Cait Lawson

Cait Lawson is the kind of lady surfer you want to be following as you make your way on your surfing journey. A committed and lifelong surfer, she can’t help but drop all kinds of valuable knowledge for us to pick up on as

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Surfer’s of all types and skill level have a chat with Coach Chris about themselves and how they learned to surf.

Coach Chris and Coach Evan sit down to talk about all things learning to surf and how to do it better.

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