Creating Time

Do you feel like “it all happens so fast” ? When taking off, or while surfing and suddenly realizing there’s a person

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No Leg Rope, No Surf

This week on KookCast, intern Sophie is on the line with this week’s episode que’d up for Coach Chris and Coach Ev regarding the recent headlines from Byron Bay, “leash-less surfing is illegal”. Let’s talk more about that.

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Vamos a El Chante with Fernando Navarro

This week on KookCast, Fernando Navarro owner of El Chante Surf House joins Coach Chris on a washed up log on Playa Hermosa to talk about his story building his vision for El Chante Surf House, how he learned to surf, and of course

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La Misión Surf Trip Recap 2023

This week on KookCast, Coach Chris, Coach Ev, and a group of students who joined them on this years La Misión surf trip are recording and remembering another massively successful surf trip to Baja, California.

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How to deal with Snobby Groms

This week on KookCast, Coach Chris and Coach Ev offer some words of advice and encouragement to a young surfer who is getting hassled by some of the local groms. This might be one of those things everyone is going to deal with at

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Surfer’s of all types and skill level have a chat with Coach Chris about themselves and how they learned to surf.

Coach Chris and Coach Evan sit down to talk about all things learning to surf and how to do it better.

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