Controlling Wipeouts? YES! How To Wipeout Less

Controlling your wipeout? Isn’t that an oxymoron? How can you control a wipeout, if wiping out is losing control? In this episode we’re discussing a recent member video we created on this very topic, where Coach Ev grabs his board in the middle of

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What’s a Good Beginner Board?

This week on KookCast, Coach Chris and Coach Ev are discussing their take on what makes a good beginner board. No, they aren’t giving specific dimensions or favorite brands. Rather, they’re drawing on their years of experience teaching to give you some food for

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The Keys to Unlocking a Righteous Finish

Coach Chris and Coach Ev just finished evaluating a few waves, specifically the finishes, of themselves and their students for a new video on the membership site which was inspired by a question from one of the members. This episode is the continued inspiration

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3 Ways To Be a Better Surfer

This episode was inspired by an analysis we recorded of ourselves while watching our friend John setup and ride a wave. Anyone can see a preview of the video by signing up for a free membership, premium members can watch the entire 20 mins

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Hurricane Fiona

Not that any episodes of KookCast could be considered “formal”, this is one of those especially informal episodes where the coaches are just rapping about a recent swell event. In this case, it’s Hurricane Fiona. In addition to this podcast episode recap, we put

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