Surf Safety

The ways in which we can get hurt in this world are endless. And the sport of surfing is no exception. That’s why this week on KookCast: Surf Education, Coach Chris and Coach Evan are talking about a few ways to keep yourself a little safer in the ocean while learning to surf. Don’t forget … Read more

Managing Surfing Fears

Welcome back to another episode of KookCast! This week Coach Chris & Coach Evan are talking about some fears that arise as you begin your journey learning how to surf, which also reminded them of their own stories about dealing with some of these things. Tune in and let’s all laugh about the things in … Read more

How to Surf Crowded Lineups

This week, Coach Chris & Coach Evan stay up late to talk surf strategy, specifically dealing with crowded line ups. This episode was a pleasure to record because it was accomplished while sitting outside on a beautiful Puerto Rican evening accompanied by the native nocturnal creatures. You don’t have to listen closely to hear the … Read more

Fundamental Fails: Setting Your Rail

Hey Kooks, this week on the KookCast Coach Chris and Coach Evan begin a new series of episodes called, Fundamental Fails. In this episode, they discuss the outcomes and situations that ensue when you improperly set, or fail to set your rail. It seems to us that many people think that surfing is all about … Read more

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