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Calm in the Chaos

Introduction: Calm in the chaos speaks to the notion that despite what’s going on around you, you can maintain a steady mindset and be the…

Learn to Surf The Right Way

Introduction: Coach Chris and Coach Ev linking up this week to talk about best practices for learning how to surf….

More Than Riding Waves

Introduction: If you heard them say it once, you’ve heard them say it a thousand times. Surfing is more than riding waves. This is another…

You Are The Crowd!

Introduction: If the title doesn’t paint the full picture, then you better dive in and find out what Coach Chris and Coach Ev are talking…

Your Place in the Line Up

Introduction: This week Coach Chris and Coach Ev are discussing line-up positioning with respect to the crowd, waves, and your own skill level. …

Fin Theory

Introduction: You’ll have to excuse us missing a week of publishing KookCast…the surf has been PUMPING in the North East for the last two weeks….

Surfboard Shopping: How to Choose a Good Used Board

Introduction: This week on Kookcast, Coach Ev gives us some guidance on how to choose a decent used surfboard by talking about three major surfboard…

It’s Not The Wand, It’s The Wizard

Introduction: You could find a thousand different ways to say it, but the point of this episode is to discuss how good or bad surfing…

To Bail or Not To Bail

Introduction: That is the question. If you’re a frequent bailer, or finish waves by jumping off then this episode is just for you….

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