Recording Audio in Water

Disclosure: This is a very first experiment with this idea, footage, and audio recording. There’s lots of room for improvement.

Ok check this out! So this idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while, but I hadn’t been able to figure out how to execute it until now. Basically, in addition to filming myself surfing, I also wanted to be able to record the audio that occurs between myself and my students, or other surfers. The best stuff comes up in the water while in session, or while surfing with friends and it often is forgotten before I can get home and figure out a way to turn it into some content (whether its an episode idea for Kookcast, or a particular skill and scenario I want to demonstrate for a lesson video).

So this morning I went for a surf (in some pretty terrible waves) and gave it my first shot. I set up my camera on the beach, and also took a GoPro with me out into the water to record the audio.

You’ll notice the land camera went off track and lost me, and the audio isn’t quite the way I want it, but I’m seeing some really cool potential here and I’ve already figured out a few ways to resolve some of the issues I had.

All said and done, rather than letting this just be a personal experiment, I decided to share it with the member community. Pretty soon I’ll make a “sessions” page for the membership site where I’ll start uploading these videos with live recorded audio from coaching sessions, and sessions with friends.

Any comments, ideas, opinions? Let me know. Just remember this isn’t supposed to be a polished and finished product. Just wanted to share it with the team so you can watch the evolutions and development unfold.


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