Stand-Up Technique

When you’re initially gliding into a wave from paddling position with a smooth and flowing manner, care must be taken to not disrupt that flow during the stand up.

The smoother water flows under your board, around your rails and releases from the board, the faster you will go with the least amount of energy from the wave required (a key to riding small and/or weak waves well). The way water flows across your board is directly related to how you behave and hold your body on it in all positions, but especially when changing positions from your belly to your feet, for example, during the stand up moment.

If you’re current method of standing up is in more of popping style, you’ll be doing yourself a great favor to take a step back and retrain yourself to stand up in a step-by-step, methodical approach on land in order to cultivate a smooth and controlled elevation of yourself to your feet and preserve the smooth flow of water under your board and over your rails.

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