Line-up Etiquette, Localism, & Respect

Kristen bringing a tricky topic to the table! Hah, I love to take a swing at these tough ones.

While there are some black and white points to make when it comes to the rules of the road, they’re generally in front of a backdrop of situational context and nuance of surf culture. I don’t really try to organize my thoughts in this video, but rather resort to free association to drive my thoughts. I think if you have the patience (21:45 mins worth to be exact), you’ll be able to glean a few things, or at the very least have some foundational knowledge for your own experiences going forward from someone who’s been dealing with this stuff for over 25 years.

Side note: Listening back to this and other videos I make for members, I wanted to clarify something. I noticed I say “you” a lot in my answers. “You shouldn’t drop-in on other surfers” for example. I don’t mean to sound so pointed, like I’m calling the inquirer specifically out. I think the position I feel answering these questions to a computer screen and knowing more than one person will listen subconsciously triggers me to use the word “you” when really I mean “surfers in general”. Hope that eases the sting for the times I say “you”.

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