DING DING DING: You’re a Kook feat. Erik Schwab

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As The KookCast goes, episode 2 comes after episode. 3. Anyone still wondering what a kook is? It’s a host that miscounts his episodes. In this episode I sat down with teacher and surfer Erik Schwab to talk about surfboard mishaps, Hawaiian surf trips, stinky wetsuits, & much more. Enjoy listening to everyones friend, Erik … Read more

Surf Through Your Kook-Life Crisis feat. Johan Kugelberg

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In this episode Coach Chris sits down with surf student Johan Kugelberg to listen (& sometimes drift off) while Johan runs away with the show. Typically in surf coaching sessions, Chris is accustomed to being the expert while Johan plays the very studious pupil. But when sitting down to talk otherwise, its clear the tables … Read more

When a Pig has a Kook Roast feat. William Hahn

In this episode I chat with my dear friend William Hahn. A builder and surfer, you’ll be hard pressed to find a dude with a wider smile–except maybe on the day he got arrested for burning some herb in the lot before going out to surf. Or the time he was 12, paddled out & … Read more

Mind Your Leash Kook feat. Dr. Travis Koke

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In this episode I sit down with good friend & great human, Dr. Travis Koke, a practicing physician & surfer to share a few great tales. We kick it off with how he learned the hard way to mind your leash when you walk—especially if you’re not walking, but running with it attached to your … Read more

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