Automatic Kook

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We’re all about helping you be a little less kooky, and that’s why for the last episode of 2021 we bringing you our “automatic kook” list. These are the things that make you a kook. No, it’s not a temporary mistake that recover from in a minute. It’s a title you’ll wear until you change … Read more

Beyond the Surface with Emi Koch

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The lovely Emi Koch joins Coach Chris on KookCast this week to talk about her non-profit organization Beyond the Surface, traveling around the world, and of course surfing! You may be completely inspired and in admiration of Emi’s work (not surprised). There’s always a way to get involved and/or help. Please use the following links … Read more

How To Gain Confidence in Your Surfing

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the best ways to build confidence in anything is to continue pushing yourself to do that very thing. For timid surfers that means water time. Every small or flat day should be seen as an opportunity to get out there paddling, working on fundamental skills and … Read more

Man vs. Machine with Matt Warshaw

The man behind the Encyclopedia of Surfing (https://eos.surf) joins Coach Chris for his second episode ever on KookCast to discuss the unique relationship surfers have with their surfboards compared to other athletes and their equipment, machine made surfboards, machine made waves, favorite surfers…the list goes on. Make sure you are a subscriber to the website … Read more

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