Committed to the Kook Life ! feat. Jules Sheehan


  This week on the Kookcast I had Jules Sheehan on the show. Without a doubt the most dedicated and committed beginner surfer I’ve ever met. Of course, when you surf everyday and you’re accident prone, you’re bound to catch a few injuries per year. Tune in and learn more about how Jules somehow finds … Read more

Surf for Life feat. Jim Wandzilak


  My favorite kind of surfer is the kind that learns to surf, and then never stops. That’s why I asked veteran surfer, Jim Wandzilak to come on the show and talk with me about surfing into your 60s and beyond. He shared some of his advice on how to surf for life, and he … Read more

Learn to Surf! with Julien Raguzzi

  This week on the KookCast I tried something new and video recorded the entire episode at Georges Lighthouse Cafe in Montauk, NY. I was joined by my guest and new friend Julien Raguzzi to talk about learning to surf. Julien is a brand new surfer, and came to work with me the other day … Read more

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