Sunburnt & Salty with Cait Lawson

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Cait Lawson is the kind of lady surfer you want to be following as you make your way on your surfing journey. A committed and lifelong surfer, she can’t help but drop all kinds of valuable knowledge for us to pick up on as we listen along. Enjoy this week’s episode, and check out her … Read more

Beyond the Surface with Emi Koch

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The lovely Emi Koch joins Coach Chris on KookCast this week to talk about her non-profit organization Beyond the Surface, traveling around the world, and of course surfing! You may be completely inspired and in admiration of Emi’s work (not surprised). There’s always a way to get involved and/or help. Please use the following links … Read more

Man vs. Machine with Matt Warshaw

The man behind the Encyclopedia of Surfing (https://eos.surf) joins Coach Chris for his second episode ever on KookCast to discuss the unique relationship surfers have with their surfboards compared to other athletes and their equipment, machine made surfboards, machine made waves, favorite surfers…the list goes on. Make sure you are a subscriber to the website … Read more

A Kook’s Journal with Holly Hinsenkamp

This week on Kookcast, Coach Chris is having a chat with Holly Hinsenkamp aka @akooksjournal to talk about her summer project, which was to surf 100 days in a row and to document and upload a video of each day. 

The Philo-Surfer: Dion Mattison of Conatus Surf Club

This week on the show, Dion Mattison is our guest and he’ll have you reconsidering any stereotype you may have of surfers being simple or shallow…this dude is deep, and he has a lot of thought provoking insights for you. He was a big influence on the methods and philosophies of The Surf Continuum when … Read more

Lazy Surfer with Nick Peterson

This week, Nick Peterson joins Coach Chris to talk about his app, Lazy Surfer. It’s an AI powered surf log that you can use to log all the info from a surf session. You give the session a rating and over time it learns your preferences! Crazy. But even without the AI aspect, this is … Read more

The Things We Do For Surfing with Kalani Robb

Whoa…Kalani Robb on KookCast?! YES! The grom of the momentum generation joins Coach Chris on the show and Coach Chris doesn’t turn into a star struck kooky mess at all, no not one bit. Can you tell that’s a lie? Also, get ready for some new content on the membership site. Coming very soon, your … Read more

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