Sorry Slater ! feat. Liam Tracy

  You know when you accidentally find yourself at a World Surf League party in NYC, spend time chatting with the top 34 surfers in the world, and spill your beer all over Kelly Slater? No? Me either, but my friend Liam Tracy has a great story about that exact scenario and how he managed … Read more

Did Ya Get The Shot? feat. Sascha Mazzucco

How many surfers do you know that every time they surf, they get a killer shot from whatever photographer is standing on the beach? While they’re getting all these great shots, poor ol Sascha Mazzucco is just trying to get one decent shot of himself, just once in his life, but to no avail. These … Read more

Trump Don’t Surf! feat. Tyler Allen

  It’s not easy being the president of the United States. With so many world problems to solve it leaves little time for surfing–among other things. That’s why in this episode of the KookCast I’m fortunate enough to get a couple minutes of Donald’s time to talk about surfing, his wave pool (which is obviously … Read more

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