Serenity Now! Managing Your Anxiety in the Water

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Add description here… Anxiety in surfing is a real thing. Between the waves and the crowd, what’s meant to be a pleasant and spiritual experience can transform you into a nervous wreck real fast. Tune in this week to hear Coach Chris and Coach Evan’s thoughts on dealing with your anxiousness and finding your peace.

The Most Unconventional Stand-Up with Chad Callahan

Chad has a lot of great things to say, but the reason we had him as a guest on Kookcast is so you can hear more about his stand up technique. It is wacky, wild, seemingly off kilter, yet somehow maintains balance, but bite your tongue before you say anything negative because when you hear … Read more

Medium Wave Dave and “The Clubber”

Another seaside chat coming at ya. Only surfers are gonna be able to listen to this one because we are damn close to the oceans edge…luckily our type like that kind of background noise, yeeeew.

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