Fundamental Fails: Setting Your Rail

Hey Kooks, this week on the KookCast Coach Chris and Coach Evan begin a new series of episodes called, Fundamental Fails. In this episode, they discuss the outcomes and situations that ensue when you improperly set, or fail to set your rail. It seems to us that many people think that surfing is all about … Read more

Surfing Misconceptions: How to Pop Up

Anyone ever advise you while learning to surf to make sure your pop up is fast and explosive? We hear it all the time, and Coach Chris and Coach Evan can’t help but disagree. While there’s a time and a place in surfing (mostly during steep critical takeoffs) for a quick and agile pop up, … Read more

3 Kooky Things You Can Easily Stop Doing

Welcome to another episode of KookCast! This week, Coach Chris and Coach Evan discuss 3 kooky things surfers can easily stop doing. There are many things that will qualify even the best of us a kook…these three topics are easily fixed with just a little effort. It may be that none of these things deem … Read more

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