A Kook’s Journal with Holly Hinsenkamp

This week on Kookcast, Coach Chris is having a chat with Holly Hinsenkamp aka @akooksjournal to talk about her summer project, which was to surf 100 days in a row and to document and upload a video of each day. 

Surf Senses: Part 3

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The last of a 3 part series on your surf senses, this week Coach Chris and Coach Evan are talking about vibes.

Hurricane Larry

(Scroll down for photos) Hurricane Larry turned out to be a real banger in Montauk, NY. We were there to meet the peak of the swell and have a marathon day. A little irony about what we do, teaching surfing and all, is when we get a break from working we end up surfing more … Read more

Surf Senses: Part 2

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Up next on KookCast, Coach Chris and Coach Evan are working through a series called “Surf Senses”. This week we’re talking about your voice. Let’s talk about how you need to use it.

Surf Senses: Part 1

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This week on KookCast the boys are starting a series called “Surf Senses”. Up first, your eyes. Let’s talk about how you need to use them.

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