Surfer Delusions

Aren’t we all a little bit delusional? Coach Chris and Coach Evan explore the many ways surfers attempt to delude themselves and others about their ability…among other things. Tune in then write in to let us know which delusion you frequently resort to, perhaps without even realizing it! 

Surfing the Messy Middle

“The Messy Middle” is a phrase and book coined by author, Scott Belsky. It’s all about helping you navigate your way through the hardest and most important part of any bold endeavor…like surfing. Coach Chris and Coach Evan offer their take on Belsky’s concept as it pertains to any student of surfing and discuss a … Read more

Moving and Shaking with Paul Barnla

Here’s the story. Paul parks his RV next to Coach Chris. Coach Chris notices said rig and its driver. They share a surf. Coach Chris introduces himself and invites himself inside to record an episode for KookCast. The rest is recorded. Enjoy.

Surfing Misconception: It’s All About Standing Up

It’s true, we hear it so often from a supporting mom, dad, friend etc to their partner that just finished their first surf lesson… “did you stand up?!” as if that’s the most important aspect about surfing. Tune in to Coach Chris and Coach Evan dispelling a major surfing misconception, that surfing is all about … Read more

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