9 Things Every Beginner Surfer Should Know

where to practice surfing

Prefer listening to reading? We covered this article in a podcast episode of the same title: Hey readers! Are you learning how to surf? But are you a beginner or a big old kook? Use this list to help you avoid becoming the dreaded “K” word. Of course, complete avoidance isn’t realistic, but with a … Read more

How to Get Through the Impact Zone

Hey kooks this week Coach Chris and Coach Evan are back talking about how to bust your way through that nasty inside, the impact zone. No matter how good you get, you’ll always be reminded by Mother Ocean how much stronger she is than you, take some of our tips with you to make the … Read more

Stand Up Paddlers: The Way We Really Feel About You

Hey yo! This week on KookCast, we’re talking about Stand-Up Paddle Boarders and the way we really feel about em’. Are you a SUPer? Or just someone with 2 cents? Chime in…send us an e-mail at info@thesurfcontinuum.com, we’d be happy to hear your opinion. 

Flavors of Flavio with Flavio Percoco

Coach Chris gets on the phone with new friend and fellow surfer, Flavio Percoco to hear from his extensive list of how he keeps the flavor in his life with all sorts of kooky experiences while learning how to surf. Laugh all you like, but if you haven’t kooked it in at least a few … Read more

How to Improve Your Style

Hey kooks, this week on KookCast we’re talking about style. Can you improve it? Are you stuck with what you got? Coach Chris and Coach Ev dig into this topic and offer their opinion on the matter. Agree? Disagree? We’d love to hear it. Send a note to info@thesurfcontinuum.com

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