Where’s Reno? with Reno Abellira

Some names in surf history you’ll be forgiven for not knowing. Reno Abellira is not one of them. His contributions to surfboard design and the evolution of surfing in general is huge, and his story about winning the 1974 Smirnoff Pro-Am at Waimea Bay is legendary. Get a solid dose of surf history and gold … Read more

Surfing Inspirations

Hey kooks! This week on KookCast, Coach Chris and Coach Evan share two major role models that were a vital component to their growth and development as surfers. Tune in to hear about those men, and how they helped mold your favorite surf coaches into the watermen they are today.

Walking on Urchins with Kevin Angiulo

Hey rippers, uploading from Puerto Rico with Kevin the Kind Man as he talks about that dreadful time he walked on urchins! Ouch. And the story gets even better when you find out what he does to try and save himself. Not only is Kevin a surfer and all around solid dude, but he’s also … Read more

A Swell Kinda Guy with James McGaley

Hey rippers, no time for editing and intros this week! Just Coach Chris and James McGaley talking straight up. James is a solid dude…if you see him in the line up, make sure to give a friendly hoot and let him know you’re a fellow kook! yeeeewww ! Listen here if the audio player above … Read more

Surf Trippin’

Hey kooks, tune in this week as Coach Chris and Coach Evan look back and recap their annual February surf trip to Baja California. Touching on a many points we always talk about, we do our best to put into practice what we always preach on KookCast, ie travel wisely, show respect, and surf well … Read more

I Dub Thee “Team Neon” with Doug Milstein

Hey rippers, tune in to catch up with Doug Milstein and Coach Chris while they recall old stories about learning how to surf, kooking it, and all the usual nonsense surfers talk about. Highlight: Doug recalls how he came up with the title “Team Neon” for Coach Chris and his buddies when they were groms. … Read more

Listener Surf Stories

Hey rippers! Tune in this week while Coach Chris and Coach Evan read some fun stories and answer a few questions from a listener and new friend Cat Duval. Listen here if the audio player above doesn’t work!

When Legends Speak (Kooks Better Listen!) with Joey Citarella

What an honor it was recording this week’s episode. Coach Chris got the opportunity to sit down with humble, and life-long surfer Joey Citarella. If you’ve been a surfer in New York at any point in the last 5 decades, chances are you know Joe. And if you don’t know, now you know. After a … Read more

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