Controlling Your Take-Off

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This week on KookCast, Coach Chris and Coach Evan are exploring a very small moment in surfing. The moment we’re all working on doing more times and executing better. That moment is your take-off into a wave. Tune in and join us as we explore the way we should be working on controlling it so … Read more

Surfing Fundamentals 101

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We talk a lot about “surfing fundamentals” in all of our episodes, and while you could probably piece it all together and figure out what they are on your own, we’re gonna save you the trouble and do a general overview of each one of The Surf Continuum’s surfing fundamentals. Without these pillars, you’re just … Read more

We’re Not Your Cheerleaders, We’re Your Coach´┐╝

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It’s not to say that we don’t encourage and applaud our students when it’s called for, but the value we strive to bring goes much deeper than praises or a pat on the back. In this episode Coach Chris and Coach Ev discussing that distinguishment. Sign up to become a supporting member!

Pilot or Passenger?

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This week on KookCast, Coach Chris is talking to Coach Evan about a phrase that came to mind while trying to explain to a student what element was missing from their practice. Hint: it wasn’t a skill, or a physical action. At the conclusion, you’ll have a new question to ask yourself about your approach … Read more

“Staying in Rhythm” with Scott Napier

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In this episode of KookCast, top student Scott Napier stayed up late to record an episode with Coach Chris and Coach Evan. We continued a discussion we were having the whole trip around the theme of staying in rhythm. Scott identified three of the major things that hinder the rhythm of a surf session and … Read more

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