7 Pillars of The Surf Continuum

In this episode, Coach Chris and Coach Evan are sitting down to discuss 7 pillars upon which they’ve built their brand of surf education on. Head over to the membership site and check out the video version of this episode to see pillar #8, which they forgot to include in this recording. 

Blame it on the Boogie Board

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Coach Chris and Coach Ev are taking you back to the boogie board! One of the most overlooked crafts in helping beginner surfers progress is the boogie board, and in this episode we’re telling you a few reasons why.

Paddling Somewhere? Follow the North Star with Rob Case

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FINALLY! Rob Case has entered the chat. With KookCast over 200 episodes in, it’s safe to say this episode is late. Rob is a paddle technique coach and one of our personal favorite surfers to talk shop with. Check out his website, subscribed to his newsletter, and see the timestamps below to find key moments … Read more

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