More Than Riding Waves

If you heard them say it once, you’ve heard them say it a thousand times. Surfing is more than riding waves. This is another one of those sappy episodes Coach Chris and Coach Evan recorded praising all the parts of surfing that don’t include riding a wave. 

Captain Kook and the Kid

Coach Evan and Uncle Freestyle are at it again! Another recording from the fine views of la casa de Speilman’s en La Misión

You Are The Crowd!

If the title doesn’t paint the full picture, then you better dive in and find out what Coach Chris and Coach Ev are talking about…

“No Sand In House” with Kenny Angiulo

Growing up, Kenny was blessed to have one of the best beaches on the East Coast right out of his grandmothers front door. And they didn’t just keep it to themselves either…they generously shared their home with many surfers that came from far wide. Fast forward to today and nothing has changed. Kenny is still … Read more

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