Expanding Your Sphere of Awareness

Expanding your sphere of awareness is a key metric in measuring your growth as a surfer because at it grows it implies that what you are doing as a surfer physically, and what’s near to you in space is becoming familiar to the point where you don’t have to focus on it. This allows you … Read more

What Makes a Good Student?

A great episode for prospective and old students alike, in this episode Coach Chris and Coach Ev are helping you become a better student.

How to Earn Respect from the Locals

Next up in the que of pre-released episodes is this one, which ironically comes on the heels of a member’s question that recently came through of the same nature. Totally unplanned.

The King of Paddling Technique with Rob Case

I’m so glad I finally got to speak with Rob for a KookCast episode. He invited me on his podcast, the Dropping In Surf Show, a few years back, but having him on KookCast was a pleasure so I could nerd out with him on paddling technique, among other things.

The 7 Pillars of The Surf Continuum

In our constant quest to clearly define ourselves and our mission to new and old students alike, this episode topic made its way to our shared notes where we kept it on top for a few weeks to develop. We’re firm in our convictions to not just be another “surf school” where you sign up … Read more

Intro to Boogie Wonderland

We’re revisiting a popular topic at The Surf Continuum…how to learn more about surfing with your boogie board!

Wetsuit Kookery

A classic episode we like to hit on every now and again…how not to kook it with your wetsuit !

Interview with Matt George

Here’s an early release of an episode I did with Matt George to discuss the release of his latest book, In Deep among other surf topics.

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