How to Read Waves

Learning How to Read Waves This is a great topic, but also the most complicated and difficult to teach with just words and pictures. Nonetheless, the goal is to spark some inspiration in you so you can start the process of teaching yourself how to read waves, and/or confirm some knowledge you already have. But … Read more

“My Session” Ep.001

Check it. The first video of a new continuing series of my personal surf sessions. Take a 5 minute break and watch me catch a few waves while listening to me talk about it. Aimed at beginners, but hopefully good for anyone looking to smooth out their surfing and tie it all together with strong … Read more

9 Things Every Beginner Surfer Should Know

where to practice surfing

Prefer listening to reading? We covered this article in a podcast episode of the same title: Hey readers! Are you learning how to surf? But are you a beginner or a big old kook? Use this list to help you avoid becoming the dreaded “K” word. Of course, complete avoidance isn’t realistic, but with a … Read more

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