Stand-Up Technique

When you’re initially gliding into a wave from paddling position with a smooth and flowing manner, care must be taken to not disrupt that flow during the stand up. The smoother water flows under your board, around your rails and releases from the board, the faster you will go with the least amount of energy … Read more

Stopping Skill

Imagine riding a horse. Is “going” the only thing you want to know, or do you also want to know how to stop? Be empowered with the skill to stop in a moment. As you grow in your surfing you’ll have so much more confidence to start setting up waves in crowded line-ups if you … Read more

Press Up Posture

For having such a simple appearance, the press-up posture/ability in surfing packs a punch of function…and it’s harder to do that you think! This isn’t just a static plank like you do on your yoga mat (though that is a great tool for training the core strength you need to hold your press-up), but a … Read more

Prone Turn

The second of two turns we use to control our surfboard as we navigate the line-up and setup waves. We use this turn when maintaining paddling speed is more important than direction change, like moving towards a peak that’s still far enough out to sea to allow time to change your position before it and … Read more

Sitting Turn

The first of two turns we use to control our surfboard when navigating the line-up and setting up waves. We use this turn when direction change is more important than maintaining forward momentum, like spinning for a good waves that is upon us, for example. That being said, with a good and accurate transition to … Read more

Taking Good Strokes

Beginners often look at paddling and assume the most important aspect is your shoulder and back strength. While this can be a factor in at certain moments of surfing, it’s hardly the difference maker and it’s the reason why children and dainty little surfer ladies can still be excellent and fast paddlers. Yes, your stroke … Read more

Achieving Proper Form

The second element to having a great paddling technique is your form, as in, how you lay in good position. Legs spread, or head down low are two frequent flaws seen in poor form. However, when you pair an engaged and well postured form with good position on your board, you’re well on your way … Read more

Finding Perfect Position

In the first video of this series, we’re discussing the most important element of good paddling technique–your board position. Even with the most supreme body form and powerful strokes, your “glide” factor and efficiency of energy will be greatly reduced if not eliminated. On the contrary, when you have good board position, powerful strokes becomes … Read more

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