Line-up Etiquette, Localism, & Respect

Kristen bringing a tricky topic to the table! Hah, I love to take a swing at these tough ones. While there are some black and white points to make when it comes to the rules of the road, they’re generally in front of a backdrop of situational context and nuance of surf culture. I don’t … Read more

Hip Mobility Exercises (for smoother stand-ups)

Joel wrote to ask about some tips for getting a little more fluid and mobility in his stand up. This is a common issue, especially for men, so I work through this question verbally and theoretically first, and then show Joel some of the things I’ve done and still do to keep my hips moving. … Read more

How Do I Stop Nose Diving?

Leonora is asking about nose dives. Why do they happen? How can she stop it from happening. Here’s our multi-layered answer.

Determining Take-Off Angle

MLP wanted us to talk a little more about setting take-off angle as you catch a wave, so Coach Ev and myself spent about 15 mins discussing it.

Improving Stand-Up Timing

On the surface, Michael’s question is about his stand-up and timing the execution, but there’s more to it than just that and I do my best to dive into the details of a take-off done well.

Health & Lifestyle Habits

Steve question is in regards to some health and lifestyle habits worth developing. While I’m no expert on the matter, here’s my two cents.

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